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Here are a collection of links to information or resources we think you might find useful. We try to keep the information up to date but please accept our apologies if the links don't work.

Isle of Man

Electric Vehicle Tariff

Manx Utilities offer an Electric Vehicle Tariff for owners of Battery Electric Vehicles (BEV). Note that at the moment this does not apply to Plug-in Hybrid Vehicles (PHEV). The tariff gives a reduced rate for off-peak times. For details and up to date information see the links below:

Public Charge Points

There are a number of public and business owned "charge points" around the island. Not all are dedicated EV chargers and simply have a 3-pin 16 amp "commando" socket. To charge your EV from these you will need an adaptor to plug in your EVSE or "granny-cable" that came with your car. Others have a Type-2, 7-pin socket. You will need the specific cable for you car to connect to these.

Some charge points are currently free to use but restrictions may apply. Manx Utilities are replacing the legacy Rolec charge points with new PodPoints which are charged at 19p per KWh. See the maps page on EVIOM for up to date detail on current charge points around the island:


PodPoint offer home, destination and workplace charging. They have a network of over 1,500 public charge points around the Isle of Man, UK and Ireland. Some are free and other charge a pay as you go fee but you will need a balance on your account. You will require the PodPoint app which is only available on Apple or Android smartphones. You can use from other devices.

UK & Ireland

Charging Networks


Ecotricity offer rapid charging at many motorway service stations and at IKEA stores across the UK. To use the charge points you will need to have the Electric Highway App installed on your smartphone. The app is only available on Apple and Android devices and you will need access to mobile data or WiFi to use the app. Ecotricty pumps now have short range WiFi if you don't have mobile data available to you. If you’re unable to use the app, you can call them and pay for your charge over the phone on 01453 761455 between 8am to 8pm, Monday to Friday and 9am to 5pm on Saturday. The cost is 30p per KWh (unit of electricity) with a maximum charging session time of 45 minutes. Some sites also have 22kWh chargers which are still free to use but you will need an Ecotricity RFID card.

Polar Instant

PolarPolar Instant is another smartphone enabled charging network. Again limited to Apple or Android. They are pay as you go but you will have to load a minimum of £20 onto your account. All charge points have a £1.20 admin fee and you will be charged for the electricity you use. They have a 24/7 help line on 0330 016 5126.

Polar also have a number of rapid charge points on their Polar Plus scheme but this requires a subscription of £7.85 a month with a 3 month free trial period. The subscription rule this network out for most island based EV drivers but you may be able to use the free period for one trip.

ESB - ecars

The main charge point network in both the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland, with 1,200 public chargers, is operated by ESB. You will need to register with ESB ecars to obtain an RFID by either visiting the registration page or emailing and provide a copy of your vehicle registration document along with a recent utility bill. Your RFID card will be posted to your address on the utility bill. Allow plenty of time before visiting Ireland for your card to arrive.

Apps are available but only show news and charge point locations. They are not used to start the charge. All charge points are free to use.


There are many other charge point providers, too many to list here so we have list only the main national ones. It's worth researching the area you are visiting for local charge point providers. The whole charge network is a constantly moving target so it's worth doing some research before every visit.

Charge Maps

Finding a charge point along your route or at your destination can be a challenge. There are so many more available than just a few years ago but parts of UK and Ireland are still poorly served. These maps and their apps allow you to plan routes, check availability of charge points and find out if you need an app, RFID card etc to use them. They can also be handy to keep up to date with the status of charge points here on the island.



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