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End of the Road

I set up EVIOM in 2013 to help people looking to switch to an EV on the Isle of Man as there was very little Isle of Man specific information available. I feel it's mission is now complete with a strong local community of EV enthusiasts and I hope it's been a force for good in helping people on their journey world of EVs here on the island.

I will be retiring, the Facebook Page and Twitter account by the end of May 2022. It's fair to say I have not been updating the blog page much at all and it's getting pretty stale.

Given that there is still an active group of users of the Facebook Group  I'd be happy to let someone else take over the reigns as group admin. Please let me know if you are interested.

I do believe, however, that there is value in EVIOM as recognisable identity so will look to change the Facebook Group name should someone else be willing to take it on. I will retain ownership of the EVIOM name and will treat this separately to the group itself.

Please get in contact if you are interested in taking over the Facebook Group or the EVIOM name by DM or

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