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The update to my Quest for a Renault Zoe has been a bit longer in coming to the blog than I had wanted. The problem being the UK plug-in car grant of 35% (to a maximum to £5000) and trying to pay for and register the car to a Manx address. The computer said no...

This was very disheartening, not least because both the dealer and I were clear all along that I was going to be taking the car to the Isle of Man. Buying a new car from the UK shouldn't really be a problem but the way EVs are dealt with seemed throw a spanner in the works. In the mean time Renault had brought out the Renault Zoe "i" models, the "i" signifying that you would own the battery and wouldn't have to pay a battery rental fee. This along with the lack of £5000 grant brought the cost of the car up to nearly £25,000 and outside my budget for lease for hire purchase.

But all was not lost as a call back from Brian at Parks offering me a 2015 model Zoe with only 89 miles on the clock on a PCP deal. This wasn't the original plan but after some thought and advice from my financial advisor (wife) and a few calls with Brian we got the monthly payments down to a level I was happy with.

So right now I'm waiting for the paper work to be processed before booking flights and ferry to go and collect the car from Irvine to drive down to Heysham.

I still don't have the car sat outside my house so no chickens have been counted but I'm quietly confident this time... Maybe.

As for Chargemaster and their offer to install a charge point at my house? No chance. Despite making it clear where I was and them booking an appointment they suddenly realised that they wouldn't, after all, have an installer "in my area". I am now in the market for a 2nd home charge point. The Leaf takes a Type 1 connector and the Zoe a Type 2. The charging standards are the same but it's a round peg, square hole. I also need to be able to charge both cars at the same time overnight.

What I've learnt from this experience is that it would be much better for us here on the Isle of Man when the UK plug-in car grant disappears in the UK or if something similar was introduced here.

If you are looking at a Renault Zoe then I would give Brian at Parks a call as I know he now has experience of selling a Zoe to the Isle of Man and the pitfalls. Other dealers I spoke in the UK were disinterested or confused by the whole idea.

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