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Manx Utilities have installed a new public charge point in the car park, off the Promenade, near the Commissioner's offices. The new charge point is a Rolec post with two Type 2 connectors.

Don't forget that a map of Isle of Man public charge points is available at and please let us know about your #IOMCharge wins and woes.


Manx Utilities are looking feedback on possible signage for EV recharging spaces in the island. Send your feed back to @manx_utilities or to EVIOM.

We like the clear image and the wording "only while charging".



Manx Utilities have installed a new public charge point in Market Square in Peel. This replaces much missed double commando unit at the Isle of Man Food Park. The new charge point is a Rolec post with two Type 2 connectors and the parking spaces are in a Disc Zone with a 2 hour limit.

Don't forget that a map of Isle of Man public charge points is available at and please let us know about your #IOMCharge wins and woes.


There have been no new public charge points installed or upgraded since our last update but we do have news on repairs and faults.


Market Square, Ramsey

Photo: Robert Lener, via Facebook

This charge point has now been repaired and is back to full working order. Remember that the parking disc restrictions apply in this car park. The square is also often used for events which means the charging bays may be inaccessible on occasion. It also appears that the repaired charge post no longer has the dumb blue commando sockets so you will need your Type 2 cable.


Isle of Man Motor Museum

These are still available to museum visitors. The four bays with the red signs are for Tesla cars only. The other two with white signs are for any EV (ask inside for them to be activated).

Please be aware that these have Type 2 tethered cables so will only work on vehicles with Type 2 charging ports. EVIOM had purchased a Type 1 to Type 2 converter to allow other vehicles such as the Nissan Leaf to be able to charge but the cable proved to be incompatible. Hopefully we can find a converted cables that is proven to work with Tesla destination chargers.


Chester Street Multistory

The two commando sockets here have been problematic of late. Manx Utilities have advised a damaged socket has been repaired but the last update states they are still having problems.

Information is available about the status and location of each charge point on The Island at eviom/map.

If anyone has any updates on public charging around the island or if you own charge point you would like to make available to the public or to your customers let us know. If you would like to know how you can go about getting a charge point installed we can offer advice and put you in touch with the right people. Use the contact form or


It's been reported via Twitter that one of the sockets at the Chester St "charge point" is damaged. It looks like one of the sockets has melted or snapped so is unsafe to use. Please take care if around this unit.

Apple Maps have a fairly complete list of publicly available charge points around the world and now give the locations of public charge points on the Isle of Man. The content is provided by Moovility, a smart phone enabled, mobile web app.

EVIOM has worked with Moovility to provide the public charge point data and arrange for those charge points to appear on Apple Maps which is available on iOS and MacOS devices.

Simply search for EV Chargers in the app to display a list of nearby EV charge points, tap one of the map pins to see more information and set a route. Hopefully this will help both local and visiting drivers find an appropriate charge point. Isle of Man charge points details are also available via other EV map apps such as Plugshare, Zap-Map and of course here on the EVIOM map page.

It has been a while since we last did an update on the status of the public and business charge points around The Island so here we go.


Northern Swimming Pool - Out of action due to damage. It's unclear how long it will take Manx Utilities to repair the post.

Market Square, Ramsey - Out of action due to damage. It's unclear how long it will take Manx Utilities to repair the post.

There are no other public charge points available in the North of The Island.


Port Erin Commissioners - In working order. 2 hour time limit and use of parking disc is still required. These charge points are now only available in office hours on week days.

Castletown, Long Stay Car Park - In good working order. Both charging bays have now been marked as EV only.


Chester Street Multistory, Douglas - Still the slow and aging commando sockets. The wallbox is looking very worn now. Pay and display rules apply and there is a 3 hour limit on Level 2 where the charge bays are located. Both bays have been painted green to help highlight these are for EVs only. These charge points are very busy.

Manx Utilities Head Quarters - In good working order. Primarily for Manx Utilities own vehicles but available for visitors and if needed. Ask at Reception.

Ballavartyn Equestrian Centre - 2 charge posts with commando sockets available to customers visiting the centre, cafe or holiday lets. You'll need an adapter to use these with your Granny Cable.


Tynwald Inn, St Johns - Available to patron of the pub. Its a Rolec charge post with commando sockets similar to Chester Street so you'll need an adapter.

There is still no public charge point in Peel. It's possible one will be installed as part of the regeneration work but it has not been confirmed when this will be.

Information is available about the status and location of each charge point on The Island at eviom/map.

If anyone has any updates on public charging around the island or if you own charge point you would like to make available to the public or to your customers let us know. If you would like to know how you can go about getting a charge point installed we can offer advice and put you in touch with the right people. Use the contact form or

Port Erin Commissioners, Bridson St.EVIOM has had confirmation that restrictions have been put in place at public charge points by Port Erin Commissioners. It is with annoyance that we have to report that these two charge points are now only available in office hours. That's between 09:00 and 17:00 Monday to Thursday and 09:00 and 16:30 Friday. This means that the charge points are not available in the evenings or at weekends.

Initially when this was reported to us by an EVIOM follower we treated it with as much anger and the driver who was unable to charge while spending time in the town. However, after confirming the situation with Port Erin Commissioners we have learned that the restrictions are in response to abuse of the free facility. EV/PHEV drivers have been using the chargers overnight and collecting their cars the next morning before 9 am.

When the Commissioners installed these charge points, for their own EV van, visitors and residents, they asked that a two-hour limit be observed and parking discs be displayed. It looks like a minority have not been observing the two-hour limit put in place to deter people overstaying, hogging or abusing the free service.

When asked about enforcing the two-hour limit we were told that due to the cost of employing workers, especially out of normal hours, to monitor the charge points would be costly to the rate payer and the only option in the short term was to reduce the hours available to when the building is occupied.

As inconvenient as these restrictions are we can see that strictly enforcing charging times out of office hours could be costly. The most upsetting part is that that enforcement or restrictions are necessary at all, due a abuse by a minority. This is/was a free service that the Commissioners didn't have to provide but did. Now that the charge points are no longer available at weekends or evenings it puts them out of action when they are probably needed the most by shoppers, diners and holiday makers. We hope a cost-effective solution can be found that allows these chargers to be turned back on at useful and convenient times.

After some thought I've come to the conclusion that a pay per use system is the only way to stop chargers from being taken advantage of. A charge to charge (even a small one) would put off casual use. Those that could charge at home or elsewhere. Money earned could then be put back into maintaining and expanding the infrastructure. As we have seen at Chester Street car park in Douglas, a free service with an unlimited stay seems to encourage abuse. The end result is the service being reduced or removed for all. Authorities and businesses are still ignorant about charging EVs and how chargers will be used or how much it will cost them. Treating the chargers in this way does not help us encourage locations to install chargers and improve the state of public charging on the island for all residents and visitors. As EV converts we know how little it costs to charge an EV and this minority are only saving themselves a few pence, or a few pounds if they are committed to squeezing every last watt out of the free chargers. It hardly seems worth the effort and the real inconvenience to other EV drivers.

Let us know what you think in the comments below. Are these restrictions understandable or should something else have been done? How would you like public charging to be implemented on the island? Should it be in the hand of local or national government or would you prefer it to sit solely in the private sector?

Details of available charge points on the island can be found on our map page Share and enjoy!

Manx Utilities has announce it will freeze electricity prices for another year.

The statutory notice announces there will be no increase in electricity prices for 2017-18 and charges will be unchanged, as follows:

  • Electricity charges for domestic users and commercial users will be frozen at 16.00 pence per unit.
  • The standing charge will remain unchanged at 19.5 pence per day for both domestic and commercial customers.
  • Electric Vehicle tariff will remain at 8.75 pence between midnight and 7am (GMT).

The Chairman of Manx Utilities, Dr Alex Allinson MHK said:

I am pleased to announce that electricity prices will be frozen for the coming financial year. Manx Utilities is committed to delivering high quality and dependable essential services for the Isle of Man. We are very aware of the impact our charges have on the people of this Island and the local economy and have made the decision to freeze electricity prices this year whilst only increasing the water rate by inflation.

We welcome the commitment in the Programme for Government for an independent review of Manx Utilities’ financial position to assess the ongoing stability of our long-term financial plan and look forward to working with Tynwald to ensure the future growth and prosperity of the Island.

In addition Manx Utilities announced that the emergency credit available for prepayment customers will increase from £3.00 to £6.00. Also a 6.4% increase in the water rate, based on Manx inflation (RPI), along with an increase in the sewerage rate at 98.00 pence in the pound. Water and sewerage rates to come into effect from 1 April 2017.

Source: Latest - Electricity, Water and Sewerage Pricing

EVIOM is pleased to report that the anomaly surrounding vehicle duty for zero emission vehicles has been raised in the House of Keys this week (Tuesday 14th February).

David Ashford (Douglas North) asked the Minister for Infrastructure, Ray Harmer, "what consideration had been given by his Department to varying vehicle duty for alternative fuel cars?" Mr Harmer advised he intends to take a revised Vehicle Duty Order to Tynwald this March. This interim order will address a number of different issues but he did confirm that he proposes to include a zero rating for electric vehicles. Over the next 12 months the Department will carry out a review of road pricing and attempt to address the balance of maintaining revenue with the Government commitment to reducing carbon emissions and incentivise "desirable behaviour". The review will involve looking at strategies employed by other jurisdictions and will include some kind of consultation.

Recognising that Electric cars, or EVs, are the predominant type of zero emission vehicle Mr Ashford pushed for confirmation that all types of alternatively fuelled vehicles will be included in the review and close attention paid to changes announced by the UK Chancellor in their 2015 budget for April this year. From April, in the UK, zero emission vehicles will have a standard rate of £0 but if the list price is over £40,000 they will pay the additional rate of £310 a year for 5 years. The Minister confirmed that he will "take a very close look at what is happening in other jurisdictions, including the United Kingdom."

It is not just about carbon emissions; it is also about affordability and the commercial sector.

Ray Harmer MHK - on the subject of vehicle duty based on CO2 emissions

MHK for Ramsey Dr Alex Allinson also highlighted the current anomaly of zero emission EVs paying more duty than low emission or hybrid vehicles. Dr Allinson went on to ask if there would be any other incentives to try and encourage the adoption of electric vehicles in the Isle of Man? Mr Harmer confirmed his Department would be looking at this but warned that in order to introduce a similar scheme to the Plug-in Car Grant in the UK it could cost the Manx tax payer in the region of £300,000.

Those other schemes such as grants could be looked at, but we have also got to take into consideration budget factors.

Ray Harmer MHK - on plug-in vehicle grants

The lack of public charging infrastructure and how this could hamper attempts to encourage the uptake of electric vehicles was also brought up during the discussion by Mr Ashford. Mr Harmer didn't reply with any specific plans in this area but did say that he would like to work with other Departments and the MUA on the provision of public charging as well as encouraging overnight charging when demand is low and off-peak tariffs are available.

I do think it is something to actually work together as a Government looking at both the economic benefit and also the potential new innovations in the future.

Ray Harmer MHK - on the question of public charging infrastructure

Audio from 3 FM article -

EVIOM are pleased this is finally being looked at as we have been highlighting vehicle duty anomalies since 2013. We look forward to seeing what changes will be made in the short term and hope for much greater encouragement of EVs on the island in the long term. If you haven't seen it already I encourage you to take a look at this post on EVIOM entitled EV Disincentives – A Letter to Your MHK a post that outlines what we see as the main disincentives to owning an EV on the Isle of Man and what we'd like the Isle of Man Government to consider in order to encourage the uptake of EVs. In it we ask you to forward this letter, along with a covering letter/email, to your own MHK.

14 Feb 2014 House of Keys Rolling Hansard RHC 
DVLA - Vehicle tax (VED) is changing…

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