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IMG_20160130_140244Here's an update to the previous update: We can confirm that the public charge point in Castletown is now working. We have tested both Type 2 sockets that were tripping out whether you were charging at the low or high rate. We had a Leaf charging at 3.3 Kw and a Zoe charging a 7.7Kw for over an hour with no problems.

Still no sign of the new charger promised by Port Erin Commissioners in, erm, Port Erin. It's understood that this will be installed outside the commissioner's building for use with their Nissan eNV200 as well as the public. We hope this one arrives before the summer.

Ramsey Market Square hasn't been commissioned yet, we understand that the damage cause by a vehicle driving into the post will delay this one going live even more.

I checked out the new CP in Ramsey today. The bay's are marked (both of them!) but there's still no power to the charge post. Any news on when we can expect it work Ramsey Town Commissioners?#EVIOM #iomcharge

Posted by EVIOM on Thursday, 10 December 2015

Also, please also remember that the casing on the Northern Swimming Pool charger has been damaged so take extra car when plugging in and out of that one.


If you're out on your travels and spot anything regarding the islands charging infrastructure submit a post via the Facebook page, on Twitter @EVIOM77 or send us an email to and we'll post it here.

Update to the update of the update:

The Ramsey Swimming Pool charger has been damaged further, as a result Manx Utilities will probably have to power off the post until they can get replacement parts and schedule the repairs.

12523176_898342433620324_1957568532800540642_nThe post has either been deliberately or accidentally damaged but the facility clearly hasn't been respected and unfortunately will now be out of action for everyone for the the time being.

Before I start this update on the status of the public charge points on the island I'd like to apologies for being very quiet on this blog for a while. Sometimes life gets in the way. Anyway...

We've had an update from our friends and Manx Utilities on the state of the public charge points around the island.

  • 12107182_10208778746975347_9144391598922399454_nCastletown had a fault on the type 2 (7KW) sockets, they kept tripping out. The breakers on these have been replaced and should now be working. If anyone is around there and could test just to confirm that would be great.
  • Ramsey Swimming Pool has suffered some damage, due to vandalism it seems. A new front cover has been ordered and will be replaced soon. Please be careful if using this charging point to avoid injuring yourself or damaging the post even further.
  • Ramsey Market Square is still yet to be commissioned but it too has been damaged by someone driving into it and requires extensive repairs. So as yet this new charge post still isn't live.

EVIOM has also been asked to remind charge point users to lock blue commando sockets that are padlocked to ensure they are only used by EV drivers. It was noted that the Ramsey Swimming Pool sockets had been left unlocked. Keys for these padlocks are available from Manx Utilities HQ at Ballacottier or call them on 687687. It has been mentioned by people that these padlocks do not fit the new charging posts very well and some have rusted making they difficult to use but if possible please re-lock them when you are done. Any faults can be reported to Manx Utilities on 687687 or drop them a tweet @manx_utilities.

Charging in Douglas remains an issue with only two very tight spaces that are not clearly marked. I tried to charge the Zoe one mid-week lunch time to find both bays occupied (by charging EVs which is good). On my way out of the multistorey I counted 3 EVs parked in other bays not including my own. It's clear that many more charging points in the capital are needed and we can't afford to have the existing ones blocked by other vehicles.

Keep EVIOM updated on your charging travels around the island via Facebook or Twitter. We have a map of charge points on the island and I would urge people to download the Plugshare app which allows you to check in, log problems and keep the information on there up to date.

Another useful app is Chargebump. This app allows you to enter the registration number of a charging vehicle and request the owner return to unplug if you need to. Handy if the vehicle has stopped charging or you are desperate.

Back in April 2014 EVIOM reported that incorrect fees had been applied to all EVs licenced in the Isle of Man. (See that post here). EV owners found themselves paying car tax at the low emissions band for Category B vehicles. At that time the situation was rectified and refunds were made.


Due to a blunder by the DoI when making the licence review in 2015 EVs were kept at a higher rate than low emission cars. EV owners found themselves paying almost three times the amount of car tax than for petrol/diesel/hybrid cars.

So if you own a fully electric car you would pay £14.00,  whilst owners of a BMW i8 or Toyota Previa, for example, only pay £5.00. In fact over the last two years EV car tax has increased whilst polluting car's tax has decreased!

We are told that the DoI "will address the anomaly" in the next duty review but that they "are unable to refund any duty, but will reduce the rate in the new legislation that will be drafted"

EVIOM has suggested that the DoI should change the rate for ZERO emission cars to £0.00.

If this was done, at least for the next two years, it would address the fact that EV owners have paid extra this year and, more importantly, provide a better incentive to drive Zero emission vehicles.

Feel free to write to your MHK if you agree!


So this is Tynwald in action to reduce carbon emissions to zero by 2050!

It is the opinion of the author that it is time this government woke up to the fact that EVs are here on the island NOW and more and more are being used by island residents, businesses, town commissioners and even government departments. The government should be encouraging the use of EVs by prioritising ANY legislation that would help them achieve their  published emissions target.

The minister recognises the fact that "Ever improving fuel efficiency standards and the introduction into the mainstream market of ultralow emission vehicles are leading us towards low emission transport systems which we need for the future." and that there is a "recent marked increase in fuel efficiency of new vehicles across Europe and the growth in numbers of electric and hydrogen powered vehicles."

But there is no government backing for EVs, and they are just paying lip-service to keep in-step with the international legislation. Making two blunders over the EV car tax in less than two years is inexcusable and shows a lack of commitment to encourage the use of low emission technologies.





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