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Source London and Nissan West

Today saw Pearl and Eva split up and look for clues.

IMG_20150629_110412 IMG_20150629_110532Pearl headed for Nissan London West for a Rapid charge. The charger there was a  little slower that the Ecotricity chargers, but free and there's coffee. It's was a beautiful day so a walk was in order. Next, a trip to Westfield Shopping Centre to try the slow chargers and get the tube into the city for a few hours before returning for some dinner and some important baby sitting duties. We'll come back to this experience later (Westfield, not the baby sitting).

Eva headed out for the afternoon on a mission to buy school uniforms from the local Asda. How exciting. We parked alongside an already charging Renault Kangoo ZE and got a good top up from the easy to use Source London CP there. About a 25% boost in all. So, happy with that experience, Eva headed to Westfield Shopping Centre for Dinner and a movie. And, of course to complete our charge.

Westfield has a large number of CPs on level 1 and 2 of the car park, plus a Tesla Supercharger. The CP are a mix of domestic 3-pin and Type 2s. Eight bays on each level I think. Sounds great.

IMG_20150629_123757This is were the trouble began. When Pearl first arrive ALL 8 on level 1 were ICEd. Later in the day a few came free but when we arrived in Eva we noticed that there were a number of EVs parked but not charging. I was annoyed at this but it soon became clear why.

Pearl was told by Source London that an Ecotricity card would work fine, it didn't. It's actually the other way round, almost any RFID card will work on Ecotricity CPs as they only need to check that the same card holder that started the charge can disconnect the car. The only Source London card we had was in Eva's glove-box. When Eva arrived we connected both cars and tried to charge.

Fail. We started to charge but after a minute or so they just stop. Pearl was at 80% so we gave up on that one. Eva was down on charge due to some less than optimal navigation earlier. After trying a few CPs it looked like Eva was charging OK so off we went to the pictures.

IMG_20150629_201934On our return we found the car no longer charging and I knew we hadn't been long enough for 100%. Turns out it had stopped. When starting the car I had an error light on the dash (and I'm sure less charge than we started with).

A pretty awful experience at Westfield, We'll be writing to Source London and asking for a refund on the £5 card. One thing I have found when planning travel to the UK in an EV is that none of these regional systems are set up for visitors.

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