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Fully Charged

Gentlemen, start your engines! Just press the 'on' switch...

IMG_0415Tickets booked, Ecotricity, Charge Your Car & Source London cards at the ready and batteries fully charged. Eva and Pearl have been cleaned, polished and are ready to go. On an EV there's only really tyre pressures and washer fluid to get ready.

The aim is to start in Douglas and head for the Manannan that departs at 7:30. Both cars will be leaving with 100% so won't really need charging on the journey but as the charge points and crew are fairly new to charging EVs on the crossing it would be good to test them. An unplanned trip across in Eva last month due toEcotricityCard a bereavement saw some problems with the Manannan's EV charge sockets tripping which meant we arrived in Liverpool with only 55% showing on the dash. Although it was disappointing not to get a top up on the boat I must say that the crew couldn't have been more helpful in trying to resolve the problem. For our return journey everything was working perfectly. Ikea Warrington on the M62 is only 16 miles from the docks and is the first rapid charger on the motorway.

The whole journey of 218 miles has been planned to allow for rapid chargers that are faulty. In total we should only have to stop 4 times but traveling with 3 children including a baby even the longest range ICE would be stopping every five minutes for toilet breaks, nappy changes and feeding times. The kids won't be much better either. I seem to be determined to prove that an EV can be a practical family car, I'm just not sure who I'm trying to prove it to.

Watch this blog for a rolling updates of our electric journey. I'll try to keep the talk of baby bowel movements to a minimum and focus on the Electric Highway.

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