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Formula E Final Race


I've been a little slack in writing about the our day at the final race of the first Formula E championship, so sorry about that. I assume no one is relying on me for race reports, I wouldn't if I were you. Go to for that.

DSC_0057Viewing was quite restricted due the the tree lined nature of the circuit around the park but we managed to get a good spot by the second chicane. Without the roar of engines you can hear the tyre's squeal, suspension soaking up the bumps and the cars bottoming out on the road as they launched over the curbs. Not to mention the gasps of the crowd at every near miss. The lack of noise doesn't detract from the spectacle but instead adds its own unique spin on it.

The race win and the championship all came down to the last lap. Although France's  Stephane Sarrazin crossed the line first ahead of Britain's Sam Bird, Bird took the victory as Sarrazin exceeded his energy allocation for the race and suffered a 49 second time penalty. Dropping him back to 15 place! Full Race results can be found here.

R11 Results

Due to some rain in the qualifying sessions the grid itself was a little mixed up. Seeing some of the championship leaders start further down the field I'm sure they would have liked. From a spectators point of view though this made the race all the more exciting. The very narrow and bumpy Battersea Park circuit making overtaking a tricky affair.  The gap the race leaders had gained at the beginning half of the race disappeared when the safety car had to come out and the field bunch right up again. As has been the case in so many of the later races, those who managed their energy usage the best prospered.

The championship at the last race was really between Lucas di Grassi, Sébastien Buemi and Nelson Piquet Jnr. In the end it came down the last lap, last corner and Nelson Piquet Jnr won the championship from 7th place by a single point. Overall driver standings are available here.

DSC_0041As for the event itself it all seemed fairly well organised, with the exception of the stewards who didn't really seem to know what event they were there for, but once we were in and found our paid for stand (and pointed out the difference in their arse and elbow) it all ran very smoothly and had a kind of festival feel to it. Plenty of places to eat, drink and watch the action on big screens. Stands from Renault, BMW, DHL and many more. Plus rides for the kids including their own ePrix race track with electric go karts.


It had it's own feel that was different to any other motor sport event I've been to. I'm looking forward to the next season. This year all cars were identical but next year it's been opened up team can enter their own designs. So we should see different motors, battery technology and more manufacturers involved. If this series can be a test bed for manufacturers to developer EV technology we used in our road cars it should accelerate the technological development and acceptance as EVs generally as a real alternative to petrol and diesel transport.

DSC_0036If you want to have your say you can complete their survey here, whether you were there, watched on TV or didn't see a single race.

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