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EV On Deck

Eva and Pearl are on board the Mannanan and charging happily.

We didn't need the IKEA charge, which means we would have arrived at Liverpool with about 40% left, even with a charge on the boat that would have got us home anywhere on the island. 

Which means we could have done the whole trip in three stops. Not every journey of that distance could have been done in three. The spacing of the Chargers on your journey is key. In our case we had so many to choose from we could use the ones that fitted in with our food, baby and comfort breaks.

Two years ago when we got Eva I don't think we could have done that journey or our last journey to Yorkshire as the points just didn't exist. Ecotrity have done a brilliant job of getting these rolled out. I know we've come across a few faulty units on this trip which caused us to stay a little longer at one or two places but traveling with one car it wouldn't have made a difference.

I'm not sure about replacing petrol or diesel costs with candles from IKEA but I have a feeling we would have been stopping there anyway.

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