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Change of Plan

We missed missed Lemington Spa/Warrick services (ehm), so we've switched from M42 to M6 toll to M42, M5, M6. Lots of options on this route but I've never had luck with traffic this way.

Stopped at Hopwood Park with 15% on Eva and 21% on Pearl with 14 and 20 miles range showing respectively. 

 There is only one Rapid, DC only, here but one type2 slow. So same drill, charge one then re other. Baby EVIOM is due a bottle, he asked longer to fill than the car anyway.

We did encounter one problem as the Rapid keeps failing (card error). I spoke to Ecotricity and they have this one marked as faulty anyway. However, we found that if we waited 5 minutes the CP reset and would start again. Given that it's 30 degrees here I supect hear is the problem.

So, some problems but nothing too bad. It does pay to have a backup plan when there is only one CP at a location.

Eva is now over 90% so plenty to get to the next point.

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