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What Time is it?

With British Summer Time ending this Sunday my mind turned to the dual rate meter and electric vehicle tariff. Especially now I am charging two cars I want to do it as cost affectively as possible and at a time when there's less demand from the rest of the house, and of course, the grid.
Screenshot 2015-10-19 08.45.02Manx Utilities EV tariff give you a reduced rate per unit of 8.75p per unit between midnight and 7 am GMT. It had been a while since I'd opened up the meter box to have a look and I discovered that the clock was wrong. I assumed it would be by about an hour as we are still in BST and the Manx Utilities literature does state that the meter operates on GMT. However, it turned out to be 48 minutes out. Not a massive difference but shows that the clock in these meters don't keep very good time so need checking on a regular basis.

Discussing this with EVIOM Senior prompted a check of his dual rate meter and this is where the real shock was (no pun intended). The clock on the meter was out by about 10 hours! Going back over old bills showed that the unit consumption on the overnight rate had been falling since January until the reduced rate was now being applied during the day.

We will both be contacting Manx Utilities to ask them to come round and adjust the clocks on our meters to the correct time (GMT). EVIOM suggests that all Manx Utilities customers with a dual rate meter check theirs regularly and ask for the clock to be corrected if it's found to be out.

2 thoughts on “What Time is it?

  1. Julian Ashcroft

    This tariff seems only to be available for pure electric vehicles, not extended range electric vehicles. I have a Vauxhall Ampera, which will do 50 miles on battery power, but as it also has a petrol engine, handy for those longer trips off Island Manx Utilities wont allow me the 'EV Tariff.

    1. Dan Brook

      Its true Julian. It's a real shame as encouraging drivers of plug-in hybrids to drive on electric mode only most of the time would be better for the island, Manx Utilities and your pocket. Have yo contacted Manx Utilities asking if they plan to review that decision?


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