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Volkswagen ID.3

I was invited to take a test drive in the new Volkswagen ID.3 that Jacksons have at their dealership here on the island as a demonstration vehicle.  I was greeted by Matthew Jones who had arranged the test drive.

Matthew was very welcoming and after all the paperwork was done to make things legal we both walked out to where the ID.3 was parked.

Introducing The Car

The car is a Volkswagen ID.3 1st Edition in Makena Turquoise.

It has a 58 kWh motor called Pro Performance with manufacturer stats of 263 miles of range & 0-62  mph of 7.3 seconds.

The car was unlocked and Matthew showed me around the car and focused on the driving controls. The car was easy to learn where everything is, it is the first time I have ever driven a car with the gear selector on the right hand side near the steering wheel however the ergonomics felt right.

After getting the climate control adjusted to how I like, I was left with the car to myself. I took a look around and took some photos, then I was ready to start driving.

On The Road

I first decided to head down to the airport so I would have the chance to test how responsive the car is especially on Richmond Hill. I had the car set in comfort mode.

In that mode on that hill from 20mph the car responded quickly up to the 50mph speed limit, I was impressed. The rest of that section was a quiet cruise out to the airport and back. Next was a town test in Douglas & Onchan using the Promenade & Summer Hill, again the car took it in its stride.

Just before leaving Onchan, heading in the Laxey direction, while waiting at Avondale Road traffic lights I found on the onboard computer system a mode called sport so I engaged it. Sport is one of four modes, those being Eco, Comfort, Sport, Individual. Setting off for Whitebridge Hill I noticed a more lively throttle response, I really let the speed drop off first before on the steepest part accelerated up to the speed limit. The response was even quicker in Sport mode, even uphill, than comfort on Richmond Hill. It even pinned me back in the seat. Performance is excellent. I soon put it back into comfort mode for the rest of the day.

I made a visit to the Laxey charging point, not to charge up though as I had plenty of range left but to see how long the charge cable is from the car charging socket to the charging station. Even parking front in and with the charging socket towards the rear of the car on the drivers side the cable was long enough, with a good foot & a half spare. So no stretching the cable needed.

My Parents View

On my way back to Jacksons I decided to pick my parents up as I knew they would be heading into Douglas. My father would sit up front next to myself & my mother behind me.

My father found the car very easy to get in and out of and comfortable to sit in. High praise as my father is awaiting a hip and knee replacement and finds my own car very uncomfortable, especially getting in & out but also not enough leg room.

My mother also liked the car while sat in the back. Positive words so far from both as even my mum has arthritic knees.

We traveled back via Groudle and the car took the rough road very well with a good balance and ride. All too soon after dropping my parents off in town it was back to Jacksons to hand the car back.

My Verdict...

I simply I did not want to hand the car back, I am very impressed by the car as a whole. It is the perfect car for me so I better get saving and hope my lottery numbers come in then I will definitely purchase one.

This is the longest drive I have ever had in an EV. Yes I did drive some Nissan N200E Vans back in 2016 at Portbury Docks near Bristol as a job but that was 1/2 mile max at speeds up to 20mph. So not a good test drive. After handing back the keys to Matthew I asked him some questions and an answer he gave me sums up EVs well here on the island: “All EVs are suitable for the island”.

So that is food for thought, I can see the future for EVs and the ID.3 is very much part of the equation.

More Information

The ID.3 goes from "Life" trim to "Tour", including the 1st Edition that makes 7 trim levels. The price range goes from £32990 - £42290 with the 1st Edition coming in at £38880.

All ID.3’s come with the Pro Performance motor & 58KWh battery, except Tour trim that has a 77KWH battery that  is capable of 0-62 of 7.9 sec & a range of 336 miles that is called Pro S.

At the moment depending on what trim & colour ID.3 you wish to purchase you could get your car pretty quick if one is available. However, if the one you want is a factory order it can take 2 - 3 months for delivery.

Servicing is on a yearly schedule with an interim service then a yearly major service etc etc. No fixed service price for either is used yet but sure it will come about in the future.

I must thank Matthew Jones from Jacksons for all his help and getting the test drive authorisation for me so I could do this review it is greatly appreciated.

2 thoughts on “Volkswagen ID.3

  1. David Newbery

    Thank you for your observations in an interesting article. VW have, as one would expect, produced an excellent EV, but I doubt they will be selling many on the IoM at those prices, however good they are. Young Nissan Leafs can be purchased secondhand for a third of the price, they perform well and all have adequate battery capacity for Isle of Man usage. Until secondhand VW EVs become available at more affordable prices I shall have to stick with my trusted and comfy old Leaf!

  2. Derrick Williams

    Thanks for the review, plenty of information given etc. but much as I would like an EV (or much better still a Hydrogen driven vehicle) at that price no way! Our household income is way below the Islands average and even the lower running/maintenance costs don't offset enough particularly with such low mileages required on the island. I only hope that the island gets renewable energy as its primary source soon to improve the "greeness" of EV's and that maybe the new solid state battery cars (Toyota have one on the way) will leap frog the Lion type EV's with all the weight, rare materials and related ethical issues before being replaced by Hydrogen or even better still a affordable or free and comprehensive bus alternative service.


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