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Show Me A Sign

Manx Utilities are looking feedback on possible signage for EV recharging spaces in the island. Send your feed back to @manx_utilities or to EVIOM.

We like the clear image and the wording "only while charging".



1 thought on “Show Me A Sign

  1. Ian Davies

    I am ot happy with the - to me and I would guess many other non-EV owners - confusing imference that this is for EVs 'only when charging'. That infers if there are no EVs charging at the time, then it is open house for non EV cars to park there - and maybe not come back for several hours. In the meantime, an EV car needs charging but cannot get access. Perhaps I am missing the point, but for me this should read 'Parking only for electric vehicles' or 'No parking for non-electric vehicles at any time'.
    PS thanks for useful content.


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