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Public Charging Infrastructure

After our travels to England in the Leaf I've been thinking about public charging infrastructure in the Isle of Man. The regional model in the UK makes things a bit tricky and difficult for visitors. It's great for those that travel those routes regularly but to join a subscription service for all the regional schemes is impractical. Ecotricitys Chargers and Ireland's eCars scheme are free once you've registered.

For the Isle of Man I'd like to see a network of public charging stations that are free at the point of use and open for visitors to use. We don't make non-residents register in advance before they can buy petrol from a petrol station. Also, without an extensive public charging infrastructure I can't see how we could encourage EV ownership for those without their own driveway or some kind of off street parking.

I want to see what people's views are on public charging. Do you think more points are needed? What type of connectors and power output would you like from them? Would you pay a subscription or like them to be free to use? Should tourists be able to use them for free?

A big question is how should we finance them? A subscription fee? Rates? Car tax? Corporate sponsorship and/or government funding? Or even set up a cooperative?

My own opinion is that a good public charging infrastructure is key to breaking the chicken and egg paradox for greater EV ownership. If you think about it we can charge our cars almost anywhere there is power. At someone's home, quayside, lamp post, pub car park.

It may be that in a couple of years with affordable cars than can easily achieve 200+ miles it may not be so much of an issue. However, if you have to park your car on the street or public car park overnight you need somewhere to plug in.


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