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Manx Utilities Announces New Tariffs

mua_logoManx Utilities has published the new Electricity tariffs that will take affect from the 1st of April 2016.

The unit price will drop from 16.25 pence per unit to 16 pence per unit for the standard domestic tariff, commercial customers drop from 16.75 pence per unit to 16.00 pence per unit.

Those domestic customers on the Comfy Heat or Electric Vehicle Tariffs will see a reduction of the off peak unit price drop to 7p from 8.75p. Those generating their own electricity will maintain the 8.75 pence per unit buy back price. If your're not already on the Electric Vehicle Tariff then I recommend you contact Manx Utilities. Unfortunately owners of plug-in hybrid vehicles currently can't take advantage of this tariff. EVIOM would like to see this changed.

This all seems like good news, although the daily standing charge will increase from 15 pence per day to 19.5 pence per day for both domestic and commercial customers.

The revised charges are likely to represent approximate monthly increases of £0.85 to the average residential consumer’s electricity bill.

At first glance it seems that EV owners charging overnight on the EV Tariff will see a benefit from these changes.

For full details see statutory notice at: statutory-notice-april-2016.pdf



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