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Isle of Man Motor Museum Adds Tesla Destination Charging

Tesla Model S charging alongside BMW i8
As part of Tesla's Destination Charging Program six charging points at the Isle of Man Motor Museum have been installed. The charge points are free for use when paying to come into the Museum. Visitors can ask at the admissions desk for details. The chargers are all Tesla branded with tethered Type 2 cables:
  • Four of the chargers are wired for Tesla charging only -  these are three phase 32A chargers
  • Two of the chargers are suitable for any EV with a Type 2 socket; these are single phase 32A chargers

These chargers are the first of their kind on the Isle of Man and are a welcome addition to the small, but growing, collection of available charge points around the island.

Please note that all chargers have tethered cables with Tesla only or Type 2 plugs on the end. This means that only Tesla vehicles and cars with a Type 2 socket can use the charge points. This excludes cars such as the Nissan Leaf, Mitsubishi Outlander or Peugeot iON etc which all have a Type 1 socket. Details of the chargers can be found on the EVIOM charging map.

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