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#IOMcharge – Public ChargePoint Update

It has been a while since we last did an update on the status of the public and business charge points around The Island so here we go.


Northern Swimming Pool - Out of action due to damage. It's unclear how long it will take Manx Utilities to repair the post.

Market Square, Ramsey - Out of action due to damage. It's unclear how long it will take Manx Utilities to repair the post.

There are no other public charge points available in the North of The Island.


Port Erin Commissioners - In working order. 2 hour time limit and use of parking disc is still required. These charge points are now only available in office hours on week days.

Castletown, Long Stay Car Park - In good working order. Both charging bays have now been marked as EV only.


Chester Street Multistory, Douglas - Still the slow and aging commando sockets. The wallbox is looking very worn now. Pay and display rules apply and there is a 3 hour limit on Level 2 where the charge bays are located. Both bays have been painted green to help highlight these are for EVs only. These charge points are very busy.

Manx Utilities Head Quarters - In good working order. Primarily for Manx Utilities own vehicles but available for visitors and if needed. Ask at Reception.

Ballavartyn Equestrian Centre - 2 charge posts with commando sockets available to customers visiting the centre, cafe or holiday lets. You'll need an adapter to use these with your Granny Cable.


Tynwald Inn, St Johns - Available to patron of the pub. Its a Rolec charge post with commando sockets similar to Chester Street so you'll need an adapter.

There is still no public charge point in Peel. It's possible one will be installed as part of the regeneration work but it has not been confirmed when this will be.

Information is available about the status and location of each charge point on The Island at eviom/map.

If anyone has any updates on public charging around the island or if you own charge point you would like to make available to the public or to your customers let us know. If you would like to know how you can go about getting a charge point installed we can offer advice and put you in touch with the right people. Use the contact form or

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