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Fifty Shades of Grey – By Poetry Pam

Here's a poem from an EVIOM follower and proud new EV owner who was shocked to discover the the Isle of Man Government charges more to license a zero emission EV that some petrol, diesel or hybrid cars. See related article here.

I've bought myself a new car, electric one you see to help with our emissions, I'm as pleased as I can be.

When I came to get a license it's cost me three times more than someone with a hybrid and I think that's really poor whoever in the government thought up this idea that zero should cost more, it really is quite clear.

Over in the Uk the charge is actually free but on the Isle of Man they want money out of me.

The licensing department say the area is grey but it's obvious to me, there really is no way that zero comes above an emission guide of fifty it's written on the form, I am not trying to be shifty It clearly states in Band A it should only cost five pounds and I can hear you all now making spluttering sounds it's not about the money but the principle at stake.

I really think our government has made a big mistake they need to help all e-drivers who are helping with the quest to cut out all emissions, we are all trying our best.

So the licensing department needs to be put straight as hopefully our government will sort out this debate.

By Poetry Pam

The poem was published in the Isle of Man Examiner on October 6th 2016, you can find it here.

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