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EVIOM at the Royal Manx Show

We had a good time the Royal Manx Agricultural show this weekend. We chatted to a good number of people many of whom had already been looking into replacing their car with an EV in the near future.

It was interesting to hear what people thought of the cars. Many were surprised that an EV could be a decent sized family car, not just small city cars. Not too many people thought the range was as issue, especially for the island. An overwhelming theme was the purchase price of new cars, but I did find that a lot of people I spoke to were surprised to hear how long the modern crop of EVs have been on the market and there is a healthy second hand market growing. The most popular modern EV, the Nissan Leaf, is approaching it's 5th year on the market. Shop around and there are some bargains to be had.

I should have got some leaflets printed as people did want to take some info away with them. Links to URLs are tricky to hyperlink to in a field, even if they are more tree friendly.

Remember that the have the next EV Users Forum meeting next weekend on Saturday 15th of August from 10:00  at in the cafe at the Northern Swimming Pool, Ramsey. There is a charge point in the car park and plenty of space to bring you car or bike along.

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