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EV Users Forum

We had a good EV Users Forum meeting on Saturday at the Northern Swimming Pool Cafe. The turnout was smaller than the first meeting but everyone was enthusiastic and keen to share their experiences and ideas.

The minutes are being written up and will be made available to those that want a copy.

One thing that was mentioned regarding EVIOM and this website is that it could have more information on how to obtain UK or Irish charging cards, cables types and charging standards, and probably a jargon buster I'll en-devour to put something together and create a new place for this information so it doesn't get lost on the blog-pile (that's a word I just made up).

If anyone has ideas, articles, or questions they want answered I'll happily look to include something. And go ahead and spread the word, EVIOM has a presence on:

I have also created an EVIOM flyer that can be downloaded here 

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