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Changes to Vehicle Duty

In an attempt to seek a balance between supporting local business and protecting the environment the Department of Infrastructure will be revising the charges for vehicle duty on the Isle of Man. In the April sitting of Tynwald Minister Ray Harmer MHK will bring the proposed measures before Members.

Most of the proposed changes relate to decreasing the amount paid by commercial vehicle operators on the island a well as attempting to better align duty paid based on engine capacity to that charged on CO2 emissions.

EVIOM has, for a number of years, been campaigning for a favourable change in duty paid by zero emission electric vehicles. It has been our view that EVs should pay duty based on emissions in the same way that other vehicles do. So we are pleased to report that the Vehicle Duty Order 2017 will include an exemption for zero emission electric vehicles.

The revenue collected from vehicle duty contributes to the millions of pounds invested in the road network, which in turn supports the economic success and social wellbeing of our Island

Ray Harmer MHK

We believe that applying a zero rate of vehicle duty for zero emission vehicles is the right move, at this time. Briefly skimming the comments section of articles reporting on this, it's clear a few don't agree. Money does need to be reinvested into the road network from vehicle duty and the most polluting vehicles should be discouraged by a higher rate paid. A zero rate for emission free vehicles can't be applied indefinitely. When the majority of vehicles on the road become ultra low or zero emission the Department will have to re-assess and re-balance the amount paid by different vehicles types. We are a long way off that majority and right now less polluting vehicles must be encouraged in some small way.

EVIOM would advise all pure battery electric vehicle (BEV) owners on the island to double check the vehicle category their car or motorcycle is registered as, so that the exemption is properly applied. It has become clear that BEVs have been categories and taxed a variety of different rates from year to year. So check your tax disc and log book to make sure they are correct.

Please leave your comments below to tell us and others what you think about these changes.

Source: Isle of Man Government press release and

2 thoughts on “Changes to Vehicle Duty

  1. Richard Davis

    Embarrassingly belated response from government. The Isle of Man should have been leading the world in zero emissions iniatives not trailing behind and failing to grasp an opportunity to promote itself internationally while doing something for the environment. The correct response would have been to abolish road tax and replace it with an increase in fuel duty. That way nobody can evade it and everyone pays according to usage and engine efficiency. Government have asked for ways to cut expenditure - well here is an obvious one and what's the betting they ignore it?


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