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Manx Utilities have installed a new public charge point in the car park, off the Promenade, near the Commissioner's offices. The new charge point is a Rolec post with two Type 2 connectors.

Don't forget that a map of Isle of Man public charge points is available at and please let us know about your #IOMCharge wins and woes.


Manx Utilities are looking feedback on possible signage for EV recharging spaces in the island. Send your feed back to @manx_utilities or to EVIOM.

We like the clear image and the wording "only while charging".



Manx Utilities have installed a new public charge point in Market Square in Peel. This replaces much missed double commando unit at the Isle of Man Food Park. The new charge point is a Rolec post with two Type 2 connectors and the parking spaces are in a Disc Zone with a 2 hour limit.

Don't forget that a map of Isle of Man public charge points is available at and please let us know about your #IOMCharge wins and woes.

The two brothers from Belgium and TT Zero regulars Saroléa have been testing their SP7 machine at Aragon ahead of the weekend's MotoGP races.

Dorna, who run the MotoGP series, intend to run an all electric support class from 2019. Saroléa are one of the few teams that have been shortlisted to supply machinery in a similar way to the current Moto2 class where all bikes are use the same power plant.

Ex-MotoGP racer and current Dorna Safety Adviser Loris Caparossi has been testing potential bikes and machinery and is said to have been impressed by the SP7 TT Zero bike.

Although it might be said Saroléa have had disappointing results on the Isle of Man they continue to work hard to develop their SP7 motorcycle into a serious race bike and with the road going Manx7 due to be available to buyers next year the timing could be great for them if they can create a relationship with Dorna.


There have been no new public charge points installed or upgraded since our last update but we do have news on repairs and faults.


Market Square, Ramsey

Photo: Robert Lener, via Facebook

This charge point has now been repaired and is back to full working order. Remember that the parking disc restrictions apply in this car park. The square is also often used for events which means the charging bays may be inaccessible on occasion. It also appears that the repaired charge post no longer has the dumb blue commando sockets so you will need your Type 2 cable.


Isle of Man Motor Museum

These are still available to museum visitors. The four bays with the red signs are for Tesla cars only. The other two with white signs are for any EV (ask inside for them to be activated).

Please be aware that these have Type 2 tethered cables so will only work on vehicles with Type 2 charging ports. EVIOM had purchased a Type 1 to Type 2 converter to allow other vehicles such as the Nissan Leaf to be able to charge but the cable proved to be incompatible. Hopefully we can find a converted cables that is proven to work with Tesla destination chargers.


Chester Street Multistory

The two commando sockets here have been problematic of late. Manx Utilities have advised a damaged socket has been repaired but the last update states they are still having problems.

Information is available about the status and location of each charge point on The Island at eviom/map.

If anyone has any updates on public charging around the island or if you own charge point you would like to make available to the public or to your customers let us know. If you would like to know how you can go about getting a charge point installed we can offer advice and put you in touch with the right people. Use the contact form or


It's been reported via Twitter that one of the sockets at the Chester St "charge point" is damaged. It looks like one of the sockets has melted or snapped so is unsafe to use. Please take care if around this unit.

Apple Maps have a fairly complete list of publicly available charge points around the world and now give the locations of public charge points on the Isle of Man. The content is provided by Moovility, a smart phone enabled, mobile web app.

EVIOM has worked with Moovility to provide the public charge point data and arrange for those charge points to appear on Apple Maps which is available on iOS and MacOS devices.

Simply search for EV Chargers in the app to display a list of nearby EV charge points, tap one of the map pins to see more information and set a route. Hopefully this will help both local and visiting drivers find an appropriate charge point. Isle of Man charge points details are also available via other EV map apps such as Plugshare, Zap-Map and of course here on the EVIOM map page.

On Sunday 9th July between 10:00 and 14:00 the Isle of Man Motor Museum are holding their Revved Up! event. The Museum recently installed 6 EV charging bays for museum visitors. 4 Tesla and 2 general EV chargers.

We're bringing ten Museum exhibits to life on Sunday 9th July!

From the single cylinder Peel P50, through the four cylinder Hunt Special up to the mighty V16 Cadillac will be outside on our display area and we'll be starting them up so you can get to hear, see, and even smell them!

Bring your pride and joy up to the Museum so others can get to hear them running too!

EVIOM will be attending but we won't be able to contribute to the aural delights. Instead we'll be bringing something to make the museum's tethered Type 2 Tesla Destination Charger available to EV drivers with Type 1 equipped cars such at the Nissan Leaf or Mitsubishi Outlander.

The cable has been purchased by EVIOM and will be loaned to the Isle of Man Motor Museum for use by visitors wishing to use the two general EV charging bays. The chargers are free to use for museum visitors, just ask the lovely staff inside.

We'd love to see you up there in your EV or anything else you might want to show off. After all a where better to see and hear ICE vehicles than in a museum...

Those that have traveled to the UK in their EV have probably used an Ecotricity rapid charger at a motorway service station. Almost a year ago Ecotricity introduced 'charging for charging’ on their Electric Highway, after being free to use for five years.

When charging was introduced in the summer of 2016 they chose to go a £6 fee for 30 minutes. A 'one size fits all' approach. This was welcomed by some as it would reduce the likelihood of drivers hogging the charge points or using them if they didn't really need to. Due to the increase in EV numbers in the UK these rapid chargers can often be very busy. Others were angry  as the pricing didn't charge by the Kwh but by time. On a slower charging vehicle, or depending on other factors that affect charge rates, the cost could be calculated at more that running an ICE vehicle. To say the introduction of the charging model divided opinion is an understatement, but it had been free for 5 years while the network grew and it is a commercial charging network that needs to pay for itself.

The £6 for 30 minutes was always a temporary solution and Ecotricity did say they would monitor usage and update their systems so a more sophisticated and flexible charging system could be introduced. The main issue they have to deal with is fixed time period charging and the different amounts of energy that various vehicles can use in that time. The pricing model also needs to reflect the cost of installing and running the infrastructure, not just the cost of energy. They have tried to separate the cost of energy from the cost of providing the service.

From the 26th June 2017 there will be a £3 connection fee for all sessions and energy will be charged at 17p per Kwh (unit), similar to what many people pay on-peak at home and similar to the cost here on the Isle of Man. Ecotricity customers won't pay the connection fee but that obviously doesn't apply to Isle of Man residents.

Ecotricity state that the new model will typically be lower for all makes and models of EV and will reflect the amount of energy used better. They have also increased the maximum charge time to 45 minutes.

Remember that to use the chargers you will need to download the Electric Highway smart phone app (available for Android and iPhone). For more information see EVIOM's Useful Links page. To contact Ecotricity email or call 01453 761455.

The Isle of Man Constabulary's Roads Policing Unit has announced it has been loaned an electric motorcycle from Zero Motorcycle's, Holland.

The Zero machine has a top speed of 98mph and they report the bike has a battery life of around 12 hours around town.

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