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Welcome to EVIOM, a blog site dedicated to Electric Vehicles, charging infrastructure and clean energy on the Isle of Man.

EVIOM believes that Electric Vehicles are ideal for the Isle of Man. Vehicles on the market today have a range that easily covers all island journeys and together with the public charge points such as those in Douglas, Ramsey, Peel , Castletown, Port Erin and Port St Mary Together with those offered by local businesses EVs offer a real alternative to internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles. Take a look at the EVIOM map page for an up to date map of charge point locations on the Isle of Man.

We also have an active forum of enthusiastic EV owners and interested parties  on Facebook  and Twitter  or email us via our contact page. Please also contact EVIOM if you have articles or suggestions you would like us to consider publishing.

If you're new to world of Electric Vehicles or just want to find out a little more about charging or some of the jargon take a look at our Useful Stuff page.

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